Terms and Conditions


The LIA Privacy Statement

The Future Africa Leaders Foundation established the Growth Initiative Award (LIA) strictly to tackle major problems in Africa by raising new young African leaders who have played exemplary leadership role in their various societies. In a bid to achieve this objective by the foundation there are measures that have been put in place to act as checks and also help to validate projects carried out by applicants. These terms and Conditions include:

1. It is very important to use FALF/ LIA customized T-shirts and caps when organizing a program. This will enable the foundation know and trust all your reports because a report that doesn’t have anything to show that the program was done for LIA might not be used in grading applicants. You are advised to download the T-shirt and cap design by clicking the RESOURCE ICON on your admin page.

2. The Foundation will disqualify any project that does not fit into the foundation’s specification. You are advice to thoroughly read through all the projects and the categories on our website

3. A report that doesn’t have the picture of the person who registered for LIA will not be accepted. You are to be the key person in every report sent to the foundation, though you are allowed to work with a team but only the team leader who have successfully registered and given a go ahead by the foundation will be recognized. (Note: you are to upload your profile picture to update your profile after registration)

4. You are to provide the list of your sponsors and the organization you partnered with in executing a project. This will help the foundation know how you are financing your projects and also recognize your sponsors.

5. List of references will also be required from you.

6. You are also advised to keep checking the LIA website and your email for more information, and or new information, updates will be uploaded from time to time and your 100% compliance will be required. Thank you